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Registration for the book Glasss 5

The costs for 1 page on A4 size are € 75,= excl. 21% VAT
The costs for 2 pages on A4 size are € 125,= excl. 21% VAT

Additional costs:
– 4% handling fee for payments through PayPal
– €10 excl. 21% VAT shipping costs for all European countries
– €17,50 excl. 21% VAT for all countries outside Europe.

These costs include 1 copy of the book Glasss 4 (in hardcover, worth € 29,95). The book will be send to your home address

Registration starts December 1, 2014 and ends when full. Don’t wait until the last moment!

If you’ve read the explanation and the photo tips and your photos are good enough for printing, please fill out this registration form. After your register, you will receive an email with details on how to upload your photos.

By submitting/uploading/sharing your photos you certify that you are the rightful owner of and have the right to distribute the photos and the work displayed in the photos you provide. By submitting/uploading your files you give Glasss (Miriam Steger) your irrevocable consent to use your provided photos free in conjunction with the publishing of the book ‘Glass 4’ and any publicity purposes related to the book.

Fill out the form only after you have collected all the necessary information!

There is a limited number of pages available.

Registration form Glasss 5